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So I have an iPhone 5 that I bought in November 2012. Roughly December/January I got these pink and purple think lines flashing across my screen whenever I was on the camera and they would show in the pictures or video's that I would take. After they had gone the app would freeze. That doesn't happen much anymore but it's very irretating when it does.

Also recently my USB is being weird as I plug my phone in to charge and nothing would happen. I used to have to put my phone at a certain angle for it to charge but now it isn't working at all so I had to buy a cheap USB 'flat noodle' charger from Ebay as I can't afford Apple's USB cable. When I got my new charger it said that the charger is unsupported with the accessory. I tried it again later that day and it worked. That night when I used all the battery I went to charge it and I got that message again so now my phone can't charge whatsoever. Just there I used my original Apple USB in my laptop while my phone was off, it turned my phone on but isn't charging.

I do have the latest iOS so I have no idea what has happened. I tried to use Apple support but the website is too confusing and isn't helping. I tried to find an email for it but still nothing. I don't live near a Apple store and I got my phone on the Apple website too.


Who would I contact and how would I contact *without costing money* about this? Would I be able to get a new iPhone since the 90 day warrantly isn't over? Please help!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4