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I am heading over to the US for attending my Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate and I am looking to buy a new Apple MacBook. Now I am confused between 3 options that I have. I'll mostly using it to complete my work and watch movies, manage my photos, etc. Not a big fan of gaming, although I do like to play the occasional Need for Speed. I plan to put in Windows parallely.


1. Wait for the Haswell MacBook Pro Retina with amazing Battery Life and updated everything. I really love battery life. But reports say it will be launched in October and my College starts at the end of August, so I'll have to take the old Vaio which I have currently loaded with Windows 8 and slug on until the Haswell MacBook Pro is launched. Its my top choice because I really dont want to miss out on battery life.


2. Buy the Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro Retina, with average battery and sulk or when the Haswell is launched. It's the last of my choices but its still there.


3. Buy the Haswell MacBook Air, although I would love the battery and the weight. Most people tell me that its just a netbook and wont be really able to handle what I want from a Laptop. I could buy this from an Apple store when I land in the US for a good price maybe.


So, guys I want your opinions about what I should do?

MacBook Pro with Retina display