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Is it possible to have things typed into the Notes application on the iPhone 5 automatically backed up to a e-mail account?

iPhone 5
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    brenden dv Community Specialists Community Specialists (3,015 points)

    Hi Liberty69,


    If you have questions about syncing Notes, you may find the following article helpful:


    iOS: Syncing Notes




    - Brenden

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    Alternative to iCloud:


    Setup a Gmail in your iPhone (Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendar>add account >Gmail>enter your username and password) if you not already have one.

    Then go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendar>Gmail>Notes ON. All your new notes (the old ones remains in the old account -local or iCloud- and you have to copy and paste them one by one into new account) will sync with your Gmail and placed in a Label (Folder) named "Notes".



    Remember that iCloud syncing your Notes. That means if you delete a note by accident the notes will be deleted from server to and you gonna lose it forever.

    Gmail syncing your Notes in Notes Label but saves all your Notes in "All Mail" Label.


    For me the real Backup is to sync your computer to iCloud, and backup computer to an external disc with TimeMachine (Mac) or Acronis (Windows) or any other way.