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So I bought all of the right cables (I think) to connect my MacBook to the monitor, but it still won't work. There is only a YPbPr input on the monitor labeled for HD (there is a VGA + audio input that is labeled specifically for PCs) so I've hooked up the YPbPr cables to a converter which then goes to HDMI and into my MacBook. However, when I turn the monitor on and switch the source to "HD" nothing shows up; it doesn't even register on the computer. Then, when I switch the source to "PC" it says no input (obviously because I'm not trying to connect my computer via VGA). If there is any way to make this work without having to purchase a VGA cable AND convertor for my computer it would be greatly appreciated! Basically I think what needs to happen is for the monitor to somehow think that the MacBook is actually a DVD player connecting to it, rather than a computer. I don't really know, though! Thanks for any help!

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)