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Just bought a new iMac 27inch late 2012 from amazon.com.  When I took the wrapping off the screen I noticed there were some light scratches on the sreen around the edges which didn't concern me too much.  However, when turning on the monitor I noticed what appears to be 2 small cracks on the inside.  I called Apple Support but they told me to return it to Amazon.  I'm trying to avoid the hassle of having to pack up this bad boy and sending it back to amazon, so has anyone had any experience with Apple fixing this issue.  Is this something I can fix myself?  Below are the 2 images that show the little dark marks.


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    Very simple, contact Amazon and arrange for a return. Had you bought it directly from Apple they have a 14 days no questions asked return for exchange or refund policy.

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities


    You are the third person in two days that reports a problem with a brand-new Late 2012 27-inch iMac.


    The screen problem can't be repaired yourself. As you have a new iMac, the best thing you can do is to return it to Amazon and get a new one, or you can take it to an Apple Store and see if they can replace it at the moment you take it in. This is the only solution, as the display is damaged and replacing it yourself voids warranty

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    The Apple warranty is one year, irrespective of where you purchased the product.  Try taking it to an Apple store genius bar and have it inspected for repair...Apple policy has been that computers will be repaired and not replaced.  If a repair is not successful on the third attempt, then the computer may be replaced.


    However, if you want a replacement your best bet is to deal with Amazon since they sold it and do not repair themselves.