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Hi, today I went to the apple store because of a bulging battery that was casuing my trackpad to stop clicking.  After being told that Apple does not replace bulging batteries (mine was 3.8 years, 272 cycles, 86%) since it's normal behaviors for them to expand, I had the battery taken out for the time being (didn't want to have more expansion damage, however normal that was.  The technician reassured me that using the macbook without the battery with just the AC adaptor (60 watts) plugged in should not impact the computer's performance in any way, even though I read that doing so would lead to the prosessor slowing down to half its speed.  He checked this info and said it wasn't true for my model, only for the macbook pros that should occur.  So, I had the battery taken out and came home.


The macbook, however, is moving very slowly at this point: the keyboard slow to react, the cursor not as sensitive, programs taking longer to open, and webpages taking at least an additional 5-10 seconds to load than usual.  I called back to the apple store and spoke with the techinician, who once again double checked with his coworkers, who all confirmed that for my particular macbook any type of slow down is not supposed to occur.


Yet, it's so freaking slow.  I am using it.  I know.


Can anyone shed some light on this?  Does removing the battery cause this particular model macbook to slow down or not?


I am now afraid that even if I do buy a new battery, it will be at this speed from now on and no one able to tell me why.......(can you tell after 18 years of being a hardcore apple fan I've lost so much faith?  what is going on with them these days?)


Thanks so much.

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)