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This might be a common question, but here it goes...


I am in need of setting up an iPhone 4S as a new device without restoring it from the back-up. Most of my contents are on iCloud (calendar, contacts, reminders, safari bookmarks, and notes), so I'm not worried about those data. And I am comfortable with downloading apps by hand. I'm also willing to configure all settings again.


However, I am concerned about other data, such as photos, iMessages and SMS messages, music, voicemail, and such. I've given up on the call history.


I did transfer purchases from the phone to my iTunes, and I also sync'ed the device. But I'm not sure if it means whether the above types of data are sync'ed to my computer, and how I can restore them back to the phone once I erase the phone.


Is this possible? Is there a document that details how this can be done? Can this be done purely with iTunes and Finder or do I need a third party app to help me with this?


Thanks in advance!