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i am trying to sell a friend's OLD Powerbook g3 (with docking station no less!), and i assumed that he had loaded it with some OS, but noooooo. nor does he have the disks for it. does anyone know where i can find a free download of OS 9.2 so i can load that on it, and then upgrade it as high as i can to sell it? the buyer can then go buy OS 10.2 if they want to. I'm not going to make enough to pay for 10.2, unless i can find a free OS 10.2 download, in which case i'd download that instead.


can anyone out there help this poor (and terribly non-technical) soul out?


by the way, i asume i can download it onto my laptop, burn a cd, and then start the old laptop from that cd, correct? or will that not work? HELP!!


thanks, stacie272

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