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I have a hunch that others are discussing the same thing here, with slightly different terms.


I have been using iTunes Match for over 1.5 years, and have nearly 21,000 tracks "in the cloud". Overall the service works great to keep my Mac, iPhone and iPad in sync quite nicely.


Today it broke. I was managing library items - adding some stuff, removing some stuff, correcting some stuff, when suddenly iTunes froze while searching for an artist. When it unfroze (by itself) the iTunes Match icon (above the left hand list column) had a "lightning bolt", which usually means trouble. Only local files would appear.


I tried turning iTunes Match OFF and ON again, with the same results. I tried creating an entire new library, same results. iTunes Match "succeeds" in finding all my stuff, tells me I have 20,648 songs, and then won't complete any sync.


FWIW, my iOS devices appear unaffected and work normally. I even bought some music on my iPad and it auto-downloaded to the iPhone, just fine. I have a hunch that the timing was coincidental, that I was making changes at the moment the service went down.


The picture below looks like success, but then...


iTunes 2.jpg

No love for my Music in the Cloud...


Any suggestions? It would seem that I have exhausted many "client side" options, and may just have to wait for the iCloud servers to come back on.


This is iTunes 11.0.5 running on a late 2012 MacBook Pro, OS X 10.8.4.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 2006 Core 2 Duo
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    Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,710 points)

    The service has been working fine for me so it does not appear to be a universal problem. I'd suggest you shut down your iMac, then power cycle your internet modem. After that comes back online power up your iMac and launch iTunes.

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    BradPDX Level 1 Level 1 (60 points)

    Michael - I had tried everything you suggest other than resetting my internet connection. That gave me an idea - I setup my iPad to be a Personal Hotstop, using it's LTE connection, and connected the MacBook that way. iTunes immediately synced. I then reverted to my regular home WiFi and it works!



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    Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,710 points)

    Ok, whatever works. Glad you got it sorted out.

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    vdriver Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the exact same problem for almost 7 hours. iMatch on the mac updates without issues but the cloud icon appears with thunderbolt and I can't play any song. I tried to sign out, turn off iMatch, then turn it back on but the only thing I achieved is that all my music disappeared. I still can download purchased music through iTunes store but it doesn't show up in "iTunes in the cloud". On my iPhone I can't even turn on match - it says that it's turned on but no music displayed in player. I tried everything to troubleshoot my internet connection, but it seems that the problem is on Apple's side. But their status page says everything is OK. And I can play songs on my Apple TV but cover art doesn't load. Is iTunes Match down for anybody else?

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    I am also experiencing the same issue. I tried on 4 different devices running 4 different operating systems and the issue persists. I turned itunes match on and off, I signed out and signed into the account, created a new library.


    I tried connecting my computer over ethernet to verify it wasn't a wi-fi issue, I connected to two different networks including my mobile hotspot on my phone. Nothing has resolved the issue. I called AppleCare and was on the phone with them for multiple hours, and they do not have a clue. It looks to me to be some type of system outage affecting a low amount of users. The icloud system status page doesnt show an outage yet, but at least I know I'm not the only one affected by this.

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    So now it works on my iPhone but still shows thunderbolt on my Mac. Status page still says everything is OK, but it's clearly not true.

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    James Wynn Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having much the same problem as BradPDX reported above


    I have ~ 25100 tracks in iTunes Match, ~ 3000 of which were purchased from iTunes. When I initially turn on iTunes Match (after turning it off and deauthorizing and then reauthorizing the computer), it reports that my entire music library is available on the cloud - but then NONE of the tracks appear it iTunes, and ANY songs that I add to my local iTunes library persistently show 'Waiting' under iCloud Status. And, as above, I'm seeing a thunderbolt in the cloud next to the Music icon on my library sidebar


    This behavior has been replicated with my library on 3 computers and across several different networks, so internet connectivity is clearly not the problem here.


    I've had 3 phone conversations w/ iTunes support so far, but no resolution has been offered - and they seem genuinely perplexed by the issue (even w/ escalating to a 2nd tier staffer).


    As others have said, iTunes Match is working fine on my iPhone - I was able to purchase a new album on my phone this am, and it downloaded to the phone and plays perfectly normally.


    Very clear to me that this is a server-side issue -

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    vicenpolo Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    also I have the same problem,Schermata .jpg I am without itunes match from 2 days

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    I'm having the same exact issues as James and vdriver...


    I agree it's a server issue that's effect a number of people.  also similar issue with apple support.  you'd think if they were so "perplexed" over the cause they would at least consider it's an issue on their end.  One look at a forum like this would prevent them from making so many users jump through hoops...


    this has gone on for ~4 days...

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    BradPDX Level 1 Level 1 (60 points)

    For those posting to this message:


    While I managed to solve my problem by switching networks, it is clear that this hasn't worked for everyone. I would recommend that another thread be started for those people still having the problem, since I marked this as "solved" for myself.


    Another note: Apple support does not read these forums; they are just for we users to share problems and solutions. I know that's old, common knowledge, but still worth noting.


    And one more: I have worked in support departments. Many times a legitimate issue would arise that affected some very small percentage of users. Those users were of course upset, and felt that surely "everyone must have this problem" when in fact it was something less than 1%. Unfortunately for those users, our company had to prioritize based upon magnitude, and that meant that those issues might take a while to resolve - which makes sense from a company perspective. The fact is that while this problem appears to be "real" based upon this small sample, none of us have any idea what the magnitude might be.


    My hunch: big changes are in the works with the upcoming release of iOS7 and iTunes Radio (which is directly connected to iTunes Match). The servers are in flux at the moment, and this is one of the possible symptoms.

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    agreed a new thread should be started.


    as for frustration with apple support, I don't fault them for not prioritizing issues affecting a small percentage of users.  Obviously the problem hasn't occured for everyone--if iTunes Match was down for all users for 4 days, well that would have made headlines.


    What I fault them for is not acknowledging the problem might be on their end.  If Apple doesn't read these forums (sorry I'm a noob), they should have some other way of finding out when their servers might be causing problems for even a small fraction of users.


    Browsing through the support threads, it seems there have been many instances in which many users have lost iTunes Match capability due to server problems.  But if there experience was anything like mine, they were simply shuffled from one support dept to another telling them to do the same things over and over again, rather than being told "Hey, the servers are in flux because of the upcoming release of iOS(#) and iWhatever.  Some people might have connectivity issues, so please bear with us." 


    I probably still would have done a bit of grumbling (it has, after all, been 4 days), but I wouldn't have wasted any more time on technical support.  With all the server issues that have apparently occured over the past two years, they should at least consider this as a possible source of the problem.