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Ok so Im kind of new to Macbooks so Im looking for some help. Im in need of a new laptop and Im thinking of giving the Macbook a go as Ive heard so many good coments about them and Im kind of fed up with spending so much on a windows laptop to then have to buy another in a couple of years. Now am I right in saying you do not have to update a Macbook every couple of years?


So it comes down to which one do i go for, the Air or the Pro? I need a laptop that is going to run fast and not crash or take forever to load a program. I use my laptop everyday for work. I also watch films on it everynight through my harddrive. Im starting to do a lot of graphic editing so need a laptop that can work well with that along with all the normal stuff, such as surfing the web, using word processor, listening to music and other bits and pieces. 


Also what size screen is a good size to go for? Im currently conecting to my desktop pc at work and using the screen so I can continue to do that when Im at work. I dont want anything to big as im traveling with my laptop too so also dont want to to be heavy.


As a lot of things it also comes down to how much it will cost. Although i dont want to pay a lot for a new laptop I want to pay for everything that I need. So this is why I am looking for advise before I just go and buy one I wont to know if there is anything particular that I need to add on or look for for the work I will be doing on my laptop or will the standard laptop package be sufficient.


Any advise would be apreciated thank you!!



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    I don't know who told you that you had to replace a windows laptop every year, if anything windows laptops lasts for years and years to the point where developers have to forcefully make websites and programs to support Windows XP, which is the second largest operating system in the world.



    The advantage with a Macintosh Laptop  is that it retains its market value even after 2 years of it being released. But if you are a technicial person, you're always going to want to buy the next big thing.



    For example, the Macbook Air one year ago had about 6 hours of battery life. A macbook Air today lasts 13 hours and is much faster, you can make the executive decision to keep the older generation but most of us just ended up buying another macbook.

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    Hi thank you for your reply, I got told at a pc shop that a laptop will last 2 years and a desktop pc will last 3 years. My last laptop lasted me 8 Years so technically I dont believe it but the laptop I have bought this time round hasnt been as good as my last. It freezes terrible when you are in the middle of doing work and not when you want it to be freezing. I have had a couple of Pc guys look at it and they have said there is not much more they can do with it so this is my reason for buying a new laptop this time and a lot sooner than before because I need my laptop for work. It also means we will have a spare pc in the house.