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Hi there

I know there have been various discussions about this but I have looked through and didn't really find an answer for me. I currently have 2358 photos showing in Aperture Trash but when I click on Empty Aperture Trash (or do the keyboard short cut) nothing happens. Nothing goes from Aperture and nothing arrives in the Trash can on the desktop.

I now have my Aperture Library in an attached (rather than online using a NAS drive - thanks to previous advice) hard-drive.

I tried a test using past advice from Leonie and created a new Aperture Library on my hard drive, loaded up some fresh photos, deleted some of them so they moved to Aperture Trash, then tried to 'Empty Aperture Trash' .... same result. They just won't budge.

Please can anyone help?

Many thanks. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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