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I have several dozen group and user shared folders - everyone is able to connect to all the folders they need access to - but anyone connecting sees every share there is in the Go window whether they can connect to it or not


If the click on folder they don't have access to it says that the share doesn't exist.


Permissions for "Others" are set to none


What can I do to "hide" the folders from users who don't have permission to access them?



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Robert - without a bit more detail, I'd tell you the following: if you want explicit "ownership" privileges for only one user, and no other user/s to see files/folders, then the easiest way is to use the console and two commands: "chown" and "chmod".


    >chown will change ownership of a file, and all subordinate contents explicitly to a single user. This can be useful when you want to conceal anything from others. Used in conjunction, is "chmod" which changes the permissions. For instance:


    >chown -R "owner" " file

    >chmod -R 700 file (this will allow only the specified owner to Read, Write or Execute any file contained. Variations are "Full Control" for Owner, Read for Group, Nothing for Others. 755 will set to Full, R/W, R/W. You can do this through the interface if you want to point and click a lot, but console and CLI is fastest.


    Maybe that will help-

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    Thanks for posting - the permissions appeared to be correct but weren't being applied properly - I wound up deleting all permissions except for the User/Group ownership (which was working) in the storage pane and then reapplying the No Access Permission to Everyone Else in the File Sharing Pane.

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    Just remember to always "propogate permissions" when you change them. If you are uncertain of hwo/where to do that, let me know and I'll happily point you to it.