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I'm about to publish a multimedia ebook that I would like to be available on laptops as well as multiple devices, iPads, tablets, etc.  I like the interactivity of the iAuthor platform but then only those with iPads can read it?  I need it to be available to a wider audience and available in different online stores. Should I publish in InDesign or iAuthor.  Do I publish as a ebook or as an App.  Anyone here involved in multimedia publishing.  Very confusing.

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    iBooks Author is excluded -- only iPads can read it, plus OS X 10.9 when it gets released in the fall.


    You should probably use InDesign and the .epub format.  Fixed layout epub may be of interest.  Google searches on "indesign epub" and "fixed layout epub" should give you lots of hits.

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    If you try to 'publish' as an app, and you use the words ebook or just book, the review teams are likely to reject and tell you to do a book instead, so be prepared to not call it any type of book and to deliver something that showcases the device and iOS as best as you can if you take that route...it's non-trivial, mostly, so be prepared to learn any skills you may not have yet need going in.


    Look at the book 'Yellow Submarine' for what I consider a good example of a standard epub w/m'media. it can be done, but as noted, iBA is iPad only, so....good luck.