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Firstly, no it wasn't my husband. He doesn't have any device with access to imessage, and doesn't know any of my security details.


I'd sent him a text while he was in work, asking him to pick something up on the way home. He got the text some hour or so later when he turned his phone on, and sent back "Make me!" so I send one back saying I'll be really lovely to him all night and won't be a stroppy cow once (Summer holidays, kids home all the time... I get a little tired by the end of the day!)




Moments after sending that text, I get a message on a number I've never seen before via imessage which I didn't even know existed, let alone was enabled saying "and I'm a virgin x !" so I call my husband to ask him if he got my message, he did. While I'm on the phone to him, I get another come through which wasn't very polite, asking who the **** I am. This is followed by an even less polite message asking me why I'm messaging him...


I've tried searching for this problem, but can only find references to my appleID having been used by someone else. On the very unlikely off-chance, I have changed my password, security questions and removed all payment details.


I'd like an explanation please? I've turned off imessage, but I'd really like to know I can use my phone without my messages being randomly distributed to other iusers, and getting abuse thrown at me.



iPhone 5