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Hello ;)


I have my Iphone 5. I bought it 3 weeks ago. I turned it on for the first time at my parents place.

Wifi worked fine, but I had to stay at my parents place for a while, phone used to work grat.

But then week ago I came back home, I logged in to my home wifi and **** begun.

At home we have Ipad mini, Iphone 4s, pc and now my IPhone5.

Every of thoes devices work perfectly fine, apart my Iphone5

I can see wifi signal icon on all the time with full bars, but something is not quite right...

Internet work great for few seconds and then slow or almost disapear for about minute.

Youtube movies stops and stops bufering, where when they do buffer it is preety quick, ebay app seams to be searching for ages.

Apps download quite slowly.

Simply wifi  on my iphone have some kind of lag, where all other devices at home have none of thoes problems.

I run internet speed test, came out fine.

It is like my phone only works fine at my parents wifi.

My husband is IT and he had a look at our wifi network and all is fine.

I instaled diferent browser, dosent help.

Iphone is on the latest software, is not demaged, all works great apart slow wifi issue.

Any one have any word of advice? I use iphones since 3gs came out and never saw something like this.


Im sorry for my por english ;) i keep learning ;)


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4