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Using airport utility today I did firmware updates on my Airport Extreme base station and two Airport Express base stations.  The extreme and one express went without a hitch.  However, the other express disappeared.  After trying other options, I have repeatedly done a factory reset on the device -- unplugging, holding in the reset button, plugging back in, and releasing the button after the top light first lights and then flases rapidly.  I then have repeadetly attempted to use Airport Utility, 6.3.l, to reconfigure the base station.  On each attempt airport utility finds the Airport Express, gathers information, prepares, says it is joining airport express, and then stops and states that "an unexpected error occurred.  Try again".  I have done this dozens of times.  Any suggestions?  The Express model is A1264, and Apple support says that the Airport Utility should work with this.  Thanks!

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    When you perform the Factory Default Rese, continue to hold the reset button in for an additional 9-10 seconds after you plug the Express back in to power to see that will allow AirPort Utility to read the settings on the AirPort Express.


    If no luck, the Express has a problem.


    Try temporarily connecting an Ethernet cable from your Mac to the AirPort Express to see if you can configure the Express that way. if this works, then you can disconnect the Ethernet cable once the Express has been configured.


    If still no luck, the Express will need to be replaced.

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    Thanks!  The ethernet option worked perfectly and I'm back online.