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My G4, Mirrored Doors, dual 1GH,  starts up fine and a few minutes later as it warms up it turns off. I replaced the motherboard and it has a new battery but the problem still exists. Is it possible it's the processor? Any ideas?

PowerMac, iOS 6.1.4, PowerMac3,6 Mirrrored Doors 2x 1Ghz
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    That is one symptom of overheating. The computer starts when cool but the fans don't keep temps in the safe range. The computer then does a safety shutdown.


    If you have the original system disks that came with the computer, run Apple Hardware test from the disk and tell us any errors it reports.


    Make sure that all the air paths are clean, especially the main air intake. It is not the four holes in the front panel but rather a grill area behind. If you tip the computer on one side you'll see where it is.

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    Did you apply fresh thermal compound on the CPU when you replaced the motherboard?

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    I figured it was an overheating problem but everything was clean, and I use SATA drives so no ribbon connectors too block airflow, I started looking everything over thoroughly and then realized the fan was turning played with the contacts and voila it works. Thanks Guys!