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    I live in Amsterdam and have the exact same problem. I have a dash in my EIN number (first of all 'what is a dash'????) and apple isn't accepting it in the form. So I entered without, an now I have that same email.

    I find it extremely unlogical.

    First of all - why do I need an EIN (I live in Amsterdam!!!), Apple should really drop this. And secondly, why the complicated form and procedure?

    Every email takes over a week to process and nobody can help you solve it.

    I so hoped iBookstore would make it as easy as amazon or kobo....

    Solutions anyone? Do I call the IRS in USA again?

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    Hello, i have the same problem, resumited, resumited .... never valid and waiting five day on each reply :-(

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    Hi, we are facing the same issue. Just to understand more clearly - since we have received the same message from Apple, we need to go to that link and resubmit the info - right ? or we just wait until the EIN gets replicated from IRS to Apple DB on it's own?

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    Insert your  EIN number and ignore the hypen although other say it did not work.  It did for me.

    If you get a reject again, you need to contact  suppoprt again and ask for clarity.

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    If you are a foreign individual (non US citizen or US resident) AND If you have a EIN + provide it on a W8-BEN


    Do you get taxes withheld at all (ie: 0% ?)


    Is  there still withholding if and/or not if the US has a tax treaty? (So  if there is a country with no treaty, if there is a EIN, do you get  withheld 5,9,30% or anything?)


    Lastly, does a foreign individual have to pay and/or file taxes? If so, a 1040EZ?


    How would a company like iTunes report to a foreign individual? 1042-S?


    Any help would be great.

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    Apple require an EIN tax file number. Nothing else will be accepted, which includes W8-BEN.


    Do I need a U.S. Tax ID?

    If you signup for a Free Books, you don’t need a U.S. Tax ID.

    A valid U.S. Tax ID is only required for Paid Books account as part of the iTunes Connect sign-up and authentication process. This requirement also applies to providers not based in the U.S.Request a U.S. Tax ID.

    Be sure to enter your U.S. Tax ID correctly when applying. If you are prompted to complete U.S. tax forms on iTunes Connect, you must use the same U.S. Tax ID.


    Start here to open an account and more information  will be available to you.






    use this  to contact support and  ask your questions



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