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After taking 300-400 photos and processing them in Aperture 3, OnOne and CS6 (CC) I always end up with some TIFF files. I have no idea how, when or why they were created. Some unknown thing happens during processing that turns some of my RAW files into TIFF files. This TIFF issue is a new issue for me, but I have noticed when I download a bunch of photos to SAM'S the automated SAM'S CLUB download system rejects the TIFF files. How can I avoid this TIFF issue? Do you know of anyway I can batch up the TIFF files and convert them to JPEG in one quick process before sending off to SAM'S CLUB for printing.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I'm assuming you are using Aperture's "Edit with..." menu items. What happens in Aperture when you use an external editor like PS or OnOne, is that it creates a new version of the image to be edited as either a TIFF or PSD file and creates a new corresponding master file in that format. The TIFF/PSD is specified in the Export panel in Aperture's Preferences. (Even if you specify something stupid like Calendar for your external editor, you still have only those two choices for the format of the file to be edited.) The external edits are performed on the new TIFF or PSD version, and your original RAW is untouched. Your external edits show up in the new version when you return to Aperture.


    For compatibility with Sam's and most other places that provide prints, you will have to export your edited version from Aperture as a JPEG and send out the exported file.