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My wife has an Apple bluetooth keyboard.  She spilled water on it.  I followed the advice people suggest—dried it out for days before turning it on, etc.  Now it works, all except for the letter "p", which produces nothing no matter how much you hold it down, threaten it, etc.  Leads to some funny e-mails from her, but is there any way I can do something with just that key and its inner workings rather than buying a whole new keyboard?  Thanks.

Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard
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    Probably nothing to save it.


    But then I use a BT keyboard and trackpad with my MBP so that I learn can the "water + eletronic = bad things" at far lesser exepnse than replacing/repairing the entire MBP.


    Skip some trips to BurgerKing for a few days and keep fluids away from the new BY keyboard.