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So, trying to take a nice PDF and have it so it is in the BODY of an email, not an attachment.  That way when the recipient opens the email, they see the entire newsletter in front of them without having to download.


All I have to do is drag it into a new message on Mail, and it looks great, and if I send it to myself it opens fine, the way I want it. But, if I go to my Gmail account on a web browser and open it, it's just a lousy attachment.  So basically when someone opens this, if they don't have Apple's Mail app, it won't look right.


Any way around this?  No, I cannot copy the PDF and paste as an image file, because it has links on the PDF sending to my website and other videos.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    No, there is no way around this


    Anything in an e-mail message that is not text must be sent as an attachment. That's just the way e-mail works. Some e-mail programs, like Mail, will display inline the contents of some attachments, like simple PDFs, but they are still attachments. If the recipient is using a program that shows the file as an attachment, that is what he will see.


    Copy and paste as an image file wouldn't work anyway. The image file would still be an attachment.

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    Thanks - I have had enough success working through MailChimp for this issue, but I was hoping to find a way around it so I can send straight by myself without going through their services.  But I will just keep using that!

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    In general, one page PDF documents will display in-line (but that also depends on the recipients email program too, what you see is no indication of what they will see) and multi page PDFs will not display in-line.