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Enough with the small talk. I have MacBook Pro 13" Late 2011 with Lion that I upgraded with a 128GB Vertex 4 SSD about 8 months ago. I moved the original HDD into the optical bay and slipped the Vertex 4 into its place. Everything was all good and well until about a month ago when my computer started freezing and hanging (I'm not exactly sure what the difference is or if they're interchangeable words). To be more descriptive, I would have some applications open and it would randomly freeze, leaving me with a rainbow wheel I could control. The computer would then be essentially unresponsive other than the ability to click between apps, but if I did it a couple times everything would become completely unresponsive and I would be left with the spinning pinwheel. At first I thought the computer would right itself, but it stayed like that for 30 minutes one time, with the fan ending up blowing as hard as it could and the temperature of the computer becoming quite warm. The only thing I would be able to do at that point was to hold the power button to force restart the computer. Then the whole process would happen again, once more than 10 times a day. It didn't seem like the hanging was due to intensive use of the computer; sometimes I would literally just have one window open browsing the interwebs and it would give up on me, and other times it wouldn't happen until I had a billion tabs open streaming tv shows on every single one.


At its very worst, I had to hard reset the computer yet again, but when it booted up the SSD was no longer recognized. It was as if I unplugged and removed it so there was nothing in the primary bay and I just turned the computer on. So it booted to the that thing with the options: recover from time machine backup, reinstall Lion, get help online, or disk utility. However, the SSD does not appear in the disk utility, I can't reinstall Lion to it (because it's not an option), and I can't use the SSD as a startup disk (also because it's not an option). I was completely sure it was a faulty SSD so I sent it to OCZ, who then crushed my hopes and told me there was nothing wrong with the drive.


My hunch after several hours of digging throgh other forums is that something is wrong with my logic board, but I'm obviously posting this because I don't have any confidence in my hunch and would rather have some feedback before I go splurging on a diagnosis or - oh no! - another logic board.


Thanks in advance, maybe.

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