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I am printing postcards.  These are 1/4 of a letter sheet, or 5.5" wide x 4.25" tall.   


I have a commercial grade HP Laserjet 4350, and I've configured that size in its custom menu for tray 1 (the envelope feeder tray). The printer is happy.


I've also set a custom paper size in the MacOS, that I've called "Postcard Quarterpage" and I have that selected in the print dialog.  In fact I made it default.


However, under Paper Handling, it says "Destination paper size: Suggested paper: US Letter" and this is greyed out.  If I check "Scale to fit paper size" which I Do Not Want, then I can pick a variety of sizes.  However my custom size is not in the list. 


This happens on all applications, so it is definitely OS X Mountain Lion (latest patch).


Anyway, the upshot is MacOS requests US LETTER size from the printer, so the printer goes "Take this postcard stock out and gimme US LETTER".    The printer can detect paper sizes.  If I try to give it postcards anyway, it blows an error and won't print, which is what it should do.


How do I get OS X to tell the printer "Gimme 5.5x4.25" like I've instructed it? 

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)