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I keep loosing connection on my ipad.  This doesn't happen on my lap top.

iPad 2, 32 3g
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    1. On the iPad, turn the WiFi off and back on again. Go to Settings -> WiFi. Turn the switch to Off. Wait a few seconds. Turn it back on. Try connecting to the WiFi network again.
    2. Restart the iPad. Press and hold the Wake/Sleep button until you see the red slider button. Slide to power off. Wait a few seconds. Press and release the Wake/Sleep button to power it back on again. Once it powers back up, try connecting to WiFi again.
    3. Try reseting the iPad (different from restarting). Hold down on both the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds (ignore the red slider button). Keep holding both buttons until the Apple Logo appears. When you see the Apple logo on the black screen, let go of both buttons. Once it powers back up, try connecting to WiFi again.
    4. Try resetting the network connections on your iPad. General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
    5. If you are at home or have access to the wireless router that you are connecting to, there may be a setting or an issue with your wireless router. Consult the owners manual for settings and troubleshooting tips. A restart on the router fixes many connectivity issues.


    Hope this helps!