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guys did you found same thing that i've my iphone 4s 32gb just now cannot access iTune at all it said

verification failed

the certificate for this server is invalid. you might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "setup.cloud.com" which could put your confidenttial at risk.

now i'm stuck here even mail also not able to access what should i do next ??? restore back the original and retry to install all those apps ?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Delgadoh Community Specialists Community Specialists (1,405 points)

    Hey paopaowell,


    It sounds like you're encountering some Wi-Fi issues on your iPhone. I'm pretty confident that by following each step in the following document, you'll be able to resolve the issues:


    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections



    After going through the top steps, remember to also check out the "If the issue is still unresolved" section at the bottom.




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    Hello delgadoh

    Thanks for feedback i very happy that to hear that and let me explain more details here.

    Possibly that I'm not really clear above my comment: actually my wifi did run very well 3G networking both are in best good signal receiving at least at 5mb per second. This is nothing to do with my local networking link or off line issue i been tested use my friend iPhone 4S also tested login my apple store at that day same time same day that i failed login into my apple store from my iPhone 4S 32gb white ver6.1.3

    My friend was a black colour iPhone 4S 32gb also login apple store perfectly means not a networking lastly i have bit curious that how come only apple store or iCloud failed to login other then this i use my iPhone browsing Internet google that find.

    End up i have to try restore back previous version iOS may can help i finally found out what about I'm trying to use general resetting phone setting if this step still failed login in apple store that it restore iOS

    Haha who knows i have successfully done by resetting phone setup and i believe it is pho e networking address are problem causing me redirect to unable server domain web causing me a lot of problem and please share this issue to other user who may be the same fate like i did.

    Thank you sir for feedback i appreciated your reply