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HI All;


I am trying to share some of my recent vacation photos with friends through Aperture 3 and can't seem to get it ?


I have checked on my Imac and in Aperture and all settings seem to be correct.


I go through the process in Aperture...

1) select photos

2) Hit: FIle - Share - Photo Stream

3) insert my own email address as a test (checked and it is correct)

4) give the photo stream a name

5) click okay

6) Photos are sent off

7) no email comes to my inbox with the link ?


Also, have checked in the Aperture Photos Stream and the new Photo Stream is there.


Anyone have thoughts as to why the email is not coming through ?


Thanks Mark


(Have watched a couple of you tube videos and followed the same proccess that worked for them online)

Aperture 3