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I'm currently using Aperture & Final Cut Pro X (latest versions)


I am storing all movies (.mov h264) Full HD within Aperture. They are stored in various events and files are managed by aperture and stored within the aperture library.


My question is: What is the best way to work with these aperture movie files within Final Cut Pro and how do I best import them into FCPX.


In the past I have exported from Aperture into a folder on the HDD and then imported via FCP to work with the files. I've always used the original media import option within FCPX.


I've notice I can also drag from aperture direct into FCPX and also import via the media browser. How does that compare to what I have been doing.


What's the best option to get work with these files inot FCPX and what's the best import options.


Also, I'm still confussed (no matter how much I read) about original and proxy media. I think I should stick with original as proxy seems to decrease image quality when exporting (in mp4 or mov format HD).


If I do use the media browser or used a referenced file. Should I copy the file to FCP folder or keep where it is. If I keep where it is does it alter the original file when I make changes within FCPX.


Sorry for the questions, they are confussing reading it back. I've tried to search and read a lot about it but not really getting what I need out of it.


Basically - whats the best way to edit .mov file located in Aperture while in FCPX. Do I need to import, copy to FCPX folder and what settings do I use.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)