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My Gmail account was hijaced by Nigerian hackers who apparently knew my password

Now I changed password but I am not sure if they succeeded in placing some malware
which is observing my activity without me knowing
Besides, Mail app (which has only Gmail account) does not receive mails any more. It can send mai but not receive.
Perhaps it has to do with the hijacking ?

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    Topher Kessler Level 6 Level 6 (9,340 points)

    Its likely that the scammers and hackers changed server settings for your Gmail account, and did not compromise your system at all. Hacking of an email server will not affect your system, and only affect how your system contacts and otherwise interacts with the server.


    Did you at all open any files you downloaded from your email account once you realized it wsa compromised? If so, were any of them programs, or just documents that you recognized (ie, a PDF file from a known contact)?

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    I saw all arabic links and pressed some of them but it was not inside the email but all my gmail was suddenly arabic (which I do not know)

    I keep some bank account information om my Contacts in Gmail - and there are some 600 contacts

    Many of them received letters begging for money, heart breaking storries, signed by me.

    Also some government offices received such mails signed by me.

    But the banks they could not access in spite of the codes

    My mastercard code was not in Gmail contacts though, lucky me....

    From this one learns that confidential information cannot be kept online with services such as Gmail or even iCloud and Contacts app
    which is syncing to Gmail Contacts.

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    As Topher has pointed out, generally hacking an e-mail account happens without malware being involved on the hacked person's system at all. It's unlikely in the extreme that they got access to your GMail account through malware on your system, and also quite unlikely that you've been infected with anything subsequently (based on what malware is available and whether it can get past the defenses built into Mountain Lion).


    However, in the case of a GMail account, once it has been hacked, a savvy hacker can leave a back door in place to let them continue to access your account, even after you change the password. Log on to the GMail web site and click on the gear icon button (shown below), then choose Settings from the menu that appears.


    Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 6.26.40 AM.png


    Next, click the Accounts link at the top of the settings. On that Accounts page, you should see a setting labeled "Grant access to your account." If any accounts have been given access, delete them.


    For more information, see: