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I am on a Mac Pro, 2008 Harpertown model.  I have one 23" cinema display and recently added a second 23" cinema display.  Both were working fine for about a week.  This morning I turned the computer on, and the power light on the newest display flashed a few times, and then went out.  I restarted, zapped the pram, checked the cables.  When switching the dvi cables between ports, each monitor turns on, and the other one powers off.  Although the original monitor that flashed displays at the wrong resolution, and won't go back to 1920x1080.


So it seems both monitors work  Maybe the port on the back of the macpro is no good?  How would I fix that?  Does this sound like a logical conclusion to the problem?  Or is it a power supply problem?  I'm at a loss.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Dual 2.28 GHz Quad-Core, 12 GB RAM