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The TOC is not showing up in the Document Inspector. I have no way of actually creating one. Help.

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    Hi Marrietta,


    A TOC is made up of paragraph styles that you specify in Inspector > Document > TOC

    Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 11.22.39 AM.png


    This screen shot shows Heading 1 as a TOC Style. Heading 2 is greyed out because there are no paragraphs with that style in the document.


    View > Show Styles Drawer to apply a style to a paragraph.


    The TOC searches downwards. Click at the top of the document then Insert > Table Of Contents. It is highlighted in blue because it is selected. You can add more chapters later. Click on the TOC to update it.




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    I suspect you have a Layout template open.


    TOC is only available for the text in the default text area, between the margins, of Word Processing documents.


    Nowhere else.


    Go back to the Template Chooser and open a Word Processing template (see the idebar for the categories).