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I switched to an iMac a few years back and really love it. My only "complaint" is that the Smart Mouse (which I really love the functionality of) is a bit too small and no one has deemed it necessary to make a larger one. Every time I go into the Apple Store hoping for a larger version, it is suggested I try the Touch Pad.


So the question is - for those who use the Apple Touch Pad for applications like Aperture, Photoshop/Pixelmator, Nik Software, etc. - how is the control using the Touch Pad vs a mouse? I know that it is fine for "normal" - meaning non-Photographic applications - and I can use all the gestures that I would miss with a normal mouse. (Before you suggest it I have a Wacom tablet, but generally for quick touch ups I just don't bother taking it off the closet shelf.)

Thanks, Steve

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    Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6 (11,945 points)

    Hi Steve -- I imagine this is as much a matter of personal preference (and skill) as actual performance.  IME, the Magic Mouse is just about the worst pointer to use with Aperture.  The Apple touch-pads are (again, just my opinion) excellent.  I don't hesitate to recommend that you try one out.  There are some touch-pad techniques that may not be obvious: roll your fingertip for minute changes; use one index finger to click, and the other to drag; etc.


    I also recommend any high-resolution mouse (generally sold as a "gaming mouse").  I used a Razer Naga until it wasn't updated to work with 10.8;  I switched to Logitech's G600 12-button mouse.  The programmable buttons accelerate my work, but (imho) high-resolution is the feature you really want.  I have my entire dual-monitor workspace mapped to an area about 2" x 4", and can move the mouse curser very close to pixel by pixel.


    Both the high-res mouse and the touch-pad are _more_ precise than the Wacom Intuos Medium.  In my hands, the cursor regularly moves a pixel or three when I lift the pen.  With the touch-pad or the high-res mouse I can work at Image resolutions smaller than 100%.  With the Intuos, I am better off at 100%.





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    Thanks Kirby for taking the time to respond. That is the kind of response I was looking for - as opposed to two photography forums where I got suggestions that suggested the responders (who did take the time) probably did not read my post.

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    I agree with Kirby. The magic mouse is about the worst device in terms of functionality, (but beautiful,ahem), the tuoch pad is ok for normal work (email, surfing etc) but no use for adjusting photos. Get yourself a logitech mouse with programable buttons.