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like in iTunes where multiple speakers can be selected, how can the same be achieved using the AppleTV.

I am only able to select one output from the menu where I would like to select all so that I can stream the same music to multiple rooms.

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    the only way to do so is through itunes. You can not use airplay with an ios device also for multiple devices. If you select airplay devices on the Atv it will only play on that device not both. The only device that did that was the gen1 Atv where you can select multiple airplay devices and still hear the sound from the Atv too. You can not airply something like pandora from multiple also

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    Thanks for the comments. I knew from other reading that the iOS, which ATV uses is different from the original ATV and that is the reason only a single stream can be used. I was hoping that maybe someone else knew better or of a 'hack' and I mean that in a non literal sense. It's a shame since being able to stream to multiple speakers would have been an excellent feature especially for house parties.

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    Tell me about it. Going from a gen1 to a gen3 I was VERY disappointed in the lack of this function. I use to have the ATV as my DJ and airplay to a second speaker with an airport express. With now having the gen3 to the tv playing music I can not get it to anything else at the same time. which means no house part with the tinny remote in my pocket to change the song. Now I have to have my phone do it with the remote app up and my computer running. Also PO'ed about now pandora house party. Hopefully apple will do one just like it but make it better. (not like Map!) How about a screen visualizer like on the computer instead of pictures or album covers????

    As I like to say "The Apple giveth and the Apple taketh".


    Some a program called parriot or something like that may also work. Don't quote me on the name though.

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    I have an ATV3 in the living room, one in the bedroom, and one in the garage (for streaming music out there too...).  To get the whole compound in sync and have the same music everywhere AND control it from my iPhone, it was / is this easy:


    In iTunes, select multiple airplay devices so everywhere you want the music playing is selected.  Use the Apple Remote app on your iPhone / iPad and control your iTunes, NOT your ATV.  Bada-bing!  Full house party music to all the devices and controlled by the phone in your pocket!!! 


    They should still let you do this from any iOS device directly though...



    - Jed

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    I wish I had read this forum before I signed on to Itunes match.

    I have previously used my ATV1 or PC to control multiple speakers in house with Airplay.

    For more airplay features I upgraded to ATV3 to mirror Ipad and mac etc. I then thought that if I have Itunes match I can have all of my music on the cloud and then it can stream through the ATV3 and then to all my other airplay speakers through the airport express. Now I see that that isn't possible.

    The reason I want to used ATV and not itunes on a computer is i dont want to have a computer on all the time.


    Any thoughts on how you can do this with ATV3 let me know or whether this feature is on its way. It seems weird that you cant do this. It is the best feature of ATV and they go and take it away. What is wrong with apple sometimes!!!


    Many Thanks.

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    I'm thinking of purchasing an Apple TV (I'm assuming only the 3 is available), and I was hoping someone could let me know if it's possible to play the same music at the same time both from my computer hooked up to one stereo and my Apple TV hooked up to another stereo.  Is there any special hardware/software I'd need to do this with?  It seems from this thread that it's possible but I can't find a straight answer from Apple online.





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    If you use iTunes and play the music from there (not using the Apple TV interface to play music), then yes!  Play the music in iTunes and choose any / all of your Apple TVs via Airplay and the music will play on all. I do this exact thing often. 


    Good luck!

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    If all you want is music you can also buy an airpot express too. The best thing is if you have an apple wireless router (extrem) or another express you can also extend your network to get better wifi with music as a bonus. If you also have a tv hooked up to this stero for Atv just a fyi I and others have problems going through the tv for music and syncing the music to a computer. Some say we are crazy or tone deaf but it seems only to be sony tvs.

    Just remember the apple tv only has

    • HDMI2
    • Optical audio

    for sound out put.

    the express has

    3.5-mm audio minijack for analog or optical digital sound3

    you will need a Y cable

    good luck

    I run tunes from pc, to a new express to living room that is hard wired to my network, and an older n express wirelessly extended from the new one to go outside for a whole house party and outside. I just have the apple tv hooked up to my tv on mute just to show the albime cover and progress of the song.