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I just returned from a two week vacation, and plugged my iPad and iPhone into my iMac to sync them and discovered that iTunes doesn't recognize them either on my wifi network, or via USB. 


iTunes (11.0.5) does recognize my iPod nano, and iPhoto does recognize my iPhone and iPad.  They are just totally AWOL in iTunes.  I've tried rebooting all of the devices including my computer, and all of the other relavent steps in the troubleshooting guide.  Nothing helped.


I successfully synced both devices to my iMac before leaving for vacation, but I can't remember if I did that before updating iTunes or not. 


I even erased my iPad and then tried connecting it to my iMac, and still no luck. 


Also, my device back ups are no longer showing up in the "devices" tab in iTunes preferences. 


My MacBook Air, running iTunes 11.0.4 recognizes both devices.  Both my laptop and my desktop are running OS 10.8.4 


Has anyone else experienced similar issues?  Any solutions?