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I have had the  dreaded 'broken power button' iPhone4S since June 2013.


Rather than pay £140 to get the phone replaced I have been using Assistive Touch for the last 3 months and here are my conclusions:


1 - It is a pain in the *** to have the screen cluttered with the  dot.

      It  gets in the way and often opens the Device menu when you actually need something else. I miss daily still  the capacity to just press the lock screen button and put the phone straight in my pocket.


2 - The most annoying aspect is that one has  to look at the screen and make 3 touches to put the phone into sleep mode/lock:

      First: touch the dot

       Second: touch Device

       Third: Lock Screen


3 - The actual Assistive Touch menu is incomprehensible and I have tried programming a Swipe command/short cut but still cannot work out how to use it.


4 - I miss also the capacity to easily take a Screen Shot of the phone and save it to the Camera Roll.


* * *


I there request the following from some really smart Forum contributer with loads of points and experience.


• Please make a Quicktime video or explain in simple terms how to set up Assistive Touch  short cuts so that you can perform the follow functions with the very least amount of touches to the screen






Many thanks in advance


Music Spirit

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