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I have a church website that serves up audio to the web browser and allows users to listen to our sermons. The audio is stored in a database (all files are .mp3) and is served up via and MVC (ASP.NET) Controller / Action as follows:


return File([byteArray of the sermon], "audio/mpeg");


This works fine on Windows and on my Android phone, but when my Pastor and his wife try to listen to any of the sermons on ther iPhone / iPad and Mac OS computers, the audio simply stops playing after a few minutes. It appears that the audio has just stopped loading altogether.


Also, it has been reported that the audio will just stop and the whole sermon will restart on an iPhone.


I have a Macbook at home and am able to listen to the entire audio file just fine, so I'm starting to wonder if it's an Internet speed (pastor's Internet speed is pretty slow) + Apple product issue.


I've never heard of this issue before and the hosting company I'm using insists that it is not an environment issue.


Any suggestions?