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Does Motion 5 have a visual editor for audio with fade handles?


I'm aware of the Audio fade behaviour and options under it, however this seems to be very blunt; the main fade control is just a number value (is this frames, seconds or a percentage?) and there doesn't seem to be a way to make a custom ramp of audio by hand. In the Keyframe Editor, I don't see a way to edit audio ramps, only simply a waveform overlay.


I hve no experience with previous versions of Motion. Did there used to be mroe control? Are we expecting more refinement in this area with the next release?



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    The audio fade in/fade out behavior works in the same way as with video. Click on the audio tab in the project pane and select your audio. Apply the fade behavior. In the inspector click on the behavior tab and you will see the controls. They are calibrated in frames. You will also see the controls and a graph in the Hud. Go to the timeline editor and open the keyframe editor and you will see the level curve. Double clicking on it will add keyframes and you can keyframe the levels as you like. If you don't want to use the behavior just open the keyframe editor after selecting the audio in the timeline editor or the project pane. Then as above, keyframe the levels as you like.