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Is the dsconfigad -passinterval command supported in OS 10.8?

iMac, OS 10.8
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    Hello, not on 10.8 for several hours, but in Terminal try...


    man dsconfigad


    See if it's listed there...



         dsconfigad -- retrieves/changes configuration for Directory Services

         Active Directory Plugin.



         dsconfigad -h

         dsconfigad -show [-lu username] [-lp password]

         dsconfigad [-f] [-a computerid] -domain fqdn -u username [-p password]

                    [-lu username] [-lp password] [-ou dn] [-status]

         dsconfigad -r -u username [-p password] [-lu username] [-lp password]

         dsconfigad [-lu username] [-lp password] [-mobile enable | disable]

                    [-mobileconfirm enable | disable]

                    [-localhome enable | disable] [-useuncpath enable | disable]

                    [-protocol afp | smb] [-shell value] [-uid attribute | -nouid]

                    [-gid attribute | -nogid] [-ggid attribute | -noggid]

                    [-preferred server | -nopreferred]

                    [-groups "group1,group2,..." | -nogroups]

                    [-alldomains enable | disable]

                    [-packetsign allow | disable | require]

                    [-packetencrypt allow | disable | require]

                    [-passinterval value] [-namespace forest | domain]