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    anukittu Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    HI GUYS,






    1)if ur using router check on the router for website address

    2)for ex :if ur router is netgear, website addr  is routerlogin.net(which is mentioned at the back of router)

    username and password to login in this portal will be mentioned on the router itself

    3)once u login into routerlogin.net(in ur case ur router webaddress)after giving credentials which are mentioned at the back of router .

    4)after login to the portal there is an option wireless settings,click on that then u will find ur security key (which u have given at the time of first router login)as the last option.


    Now go to wifi>other network>given network name and security key ...........hurray it works...enjoy wifi folks...bye


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    Lumbo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have also recently started to experience this with my iPhone 5 for the first time - it started two weeks ago. My iPad connected to the hotel wifi but iphone wouldn't. It has happened with two other public wifi access points since. All previous known wifi networks (home, office and public) still connect OK. The iPad connected successfully regardless each time.


    I have tried hard reset of the phone but no joy. Suggesting a reset of the router when other devices are connecting ok is not a relevant reply. It is clearly an iPhone 5 issue.


    I am on iOS 6.1.4 (10B350)



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    Suki Shackelford Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is a know but not officially acknowledged issue with the wifi-radio. A hard reset / complete wipe will not work. Taking the phone in and demanding a genius runs a 2-second network test on your phone WILL work.


    The problem I had is that I connected to the apple network and my network at home perfectly but could not connect to any other networks. My router is brand new and I have apple products throughout the house including multiple airports. There is something about faulty wifi-radios in the actual hardware of the phone that prevents them from picking up weaker signals or different frequencies (forgive me, I don't totally understand).


    After three genius appointments, I finally told them I wanted them to walk to Starbucks with me to show them that my iPhone 5 would not connect to wifi. The employee said he would ask his manager if he could do so after a little hesitation. The manager (within earshot but definitely not talking to me) told the employee to pull up his wifi on his phone and compare it to mine. Sure enough, his iPhone 5 showed a 2.4 gHz "test" network that mine didn't. He replaced my phone immediately. Phone works perfectly now and battery life is stellar.


    I love apple and am a stockholder and longtime devotee. This is simply not acceptable. The customers who rush out and buy the iPhone 5 the day it comes out (me) are Apple's base - why not issue a voluntary recall of phones with this issue?


    My advice to you as we approach the one-year mark: check your iPhone for wifi connectivity issues now while you are still covered by the 1-year guarantee. Compare your phone to an iPad or another iPhone 5 - you should see the same networks.


    Hope this helps.

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    I have the wifi connection issue with myiPhone 5 too. My case even worst, I can't even detect my home wifi. I have tried to reset the network, tried to reset the phone to the factory setting. However, it still not working. But this is not happened on my iPhone 4 and Samsung note. That 2 phones will automatically connected to my home wifi when I reach home. But the newest iPhone 5 can't even detected the network. Anyone can help on my issue?

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    I was having this issue too. ATT iPhone 5 purchased in June 2013 and suddenly I couldn't see wireless networks in the menue unless I was sitting on top of the router. Would also lose LTE and/or 4G connection and was on Edge. My battery life was horrible because the phone was always trying to connect to something. Went to both ATT and Apple for help. ATT sent me off to Apple, and Apple had me reset my network settings. I tried that, and the issues continued. I saw on a different forum something about the antennae being in the back of my phone. I had just recently put on an aluminum chrome case that I purchased from eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/400445259608?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m143 9.l2649). As soon as I removed that case and put back on the plastic one, the connectivity issues are gone. The case must have been blocking the signals. I would recommend removing your case and seeing if the problem improves.

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    So here's my update ... The problem persisted and I was unable to connect to any new wifi networks at hotels, client offices, cafés, restaurants etc (historic known networks all fine) so I booked an appointment at the Genius Bar in Covent Garden, London and they couldn't find anything wrong with the software or settings and as I had already tried a complete restore they suggested it is a hardware fault and swapped it over for a replacement phone. New networks connecting fine for now ...

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    I have had this problem too, with two new iphone 5's.


    This widespread problem is to do with updating the software when you first connect it  to your pc/mac. Out of the box the new ipnone5 will connect to wifi and connect to bluetooth.


    But of course as soon as you receive the phone you'll connect it and 'update software'. After updating the software the wifi and bluetooth won't work.


    My third new iphone5 is fine as although I have backed it up and transferred everything across I haven't updated the software.


    Apple, vodafone, and the genius guys don't know how to fix this problem. If your phone is still in warranty ask apple to replace it and DON'T update the software when asked. Hopefully if you can't get a new phone ios7 will fix this-sometime soon in Sept?


    All the best, Mark.

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    I just received a brand new iPhone 4 because my old one was broken. I synchronized it with my iCloud so basically everything is back on track again. Just one thing does not work at all: Wifi/Bluetooth! It doesn't find any unit at all although my MacBook finds "thousands". It worked properly on my old phone. What am I gonna do? I tried turning the function and the whole phone off and on again. I am definitely not willing to reset eeeeverything on my phone again since it already took me a whole day to update and reload everything on it.

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    Hi, The solution is to get a new phone from apple, as out of the box the phone will connect to wifi and bluetooth.


    Updating the software which is an option when synchronising will create problems with wifi and bluetooth and there is no way of reversing the process, the apple staff are aware of this widespread problem but can't fix it.


    Apple are great at replacing their products, don't waste any more time, connect the new phone to icloud but don't update the software and everything should work. Mark, London.

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    Thanks for your tip! So you mean the only thing I can do is to replace my brand new phone again and do everything again except not updating the software when I connect with my Mac/synchronize with iCloud? Or is there any chance I can fix it on THIS EXACT PHONE? **** it. Why wouldn't they warn their customers or let be giving this option of updating... Do you think I should go to the store where I bought it (retailer) or to Apple directly?

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    TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 Level 5 (5,185 points)

    Um, ignore Mark for now.  Try this article FIRST: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1398


    Troubleshoot your device before jumping to the conclusion that it has to be replaced.  If the problem is software on your device, then getting a new phone and then restoring your backup will just transfer the problem, not fix it.

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    It is not the router or anything. The units (wifi) are not being loaded/shown even. I tried resetting my Wifi-settings only as it is said in the link that you sent me, but it didn't work either. So I will go to an Apple store soon I think together with my Mac and ask them what I can do. Thanks anyways!

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    I have been having issues with my iPhone 5 connecting to my home wifi. It connects, then loses the signal within seconds. I still have my iPhone 4 and that stays connected to the wifi all day no problem, along with my laptop which I am using right now to post this. My iPhone 5 also can connect to my school wifi just fine as well as pretty much any other wifi, which is why no one (even in the store) has been able to help me. Thank you for your time for anyone who reads this

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    I know your other devices are connecting just fine. But sometimes just re booting your router fixes the problem. Try unplugging your power cord from your router let it sit for 20 seconds and plug it back in. This for the most part fixes most wi-fi connection issues.

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    Oh dear. Update 2. New phone has started to have the same issue. All the inconvenience of two visuts tonthe "genius bar" and lengthy restore for nothing. So it must be an iOS issue.


    I will try the full reset when back home but this is very tedious.


    No wifi and a device with a battery that only lasts three hours... Life's too short Apple. Time to see what the Samsung Galaxy has to offer.