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Today I was listening to iPod with no problems. Suddenly, it tried to reboot, and got stuck in the reboot screen - the Apple logo appears for a few seconds, then the screen will go dark for a few seconds, then the Apple logo appears again and the whole thing repeats. If I wait long enough, eventually it will reboot. However, as soon I select a song, the whole thing starts over again - if I have my headphones plugged in. If I don't have my headphones plugged in, then I can select a song and it will play with no problem. But as soon as I plug in my headphone, it will reboot.


I tried to see what would happen if I plugged in my iPod to my computer and played it through my computer. At first this worked, but now my iTunes freezes whenever I try to play a song. I traveled abroad today, so for the next month there is no Apple store I can take my iPod to. Anyone have any thoughts?

iPod classic