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I am using a renderfarm called renderflow.com which requires JAVA to download finished images.

I maintain my mac with all current updates as above and JAVA 7 Update 25 from oracle


When I try to use the buton on the site that launches what I assume is a JAVA applet which has the download UI, nothing happens any more.

I had a problem before, but this seemed to be fixed when I uninstalled Oracle JAVA and it worked fine previously on earlier versions of Safari and with Apple JAVA before they discontinued it.

I used it for a while with Firefox and this now appears to have stopped working too.


I have turned on the (or not turned off) the enable JAVA in Safari preferences and cleared out all the temporary internet files in the JAVA settings, security settings are at default and also the site I want to use is identified as a trusted certificate.


Can you help as I am having to use a Windows machine to download any images from the site.



Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)