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Hello - about to purchase my first iPhone (the 5s) and was wondering which GSM model is better. I see different specs between ATT and Verizon? If I buy a GSM model in the US will I be able to use it in Europe?



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    I have an iPhone5 and looking to move up to the iPhone5S as well.  I always buy the unlocked iPhone which normally is only available in the US 4-6 months after the phone is released.  Then always from Apple only. 


    This time the unlocked is mentioned, but only from T-Mobile.  Which has me wondering the same thing.


    My iPhone5 (unlocked) works here in the US, Australia and Europe.  Then again I always have additional local carrier service with a local SIM card. 


    Now I'm rather perplexed.  I'd say it would work though if you're using your ATT SIM you'll be paying higher rates than if you had a SIM from a local British carrier.


    Maybe someone else can help us ...

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    What do you mean "which GSM model"?


    The Verizon iPhone 5S is a CDMA phone. Yes, it has a GSM radio in it and the SIM slot is unlocked. It is not intended for use in Europe. If it works, that's wonderful, but buying a US iPhone for use primarily outside the US is stupid. The warranty is not valid outside of the US. The cost savings is minimal at best once you consider the taxes and duties you are legally required to pay to bring it into a foreign country any way.

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    I was thinking it would be nice to be able to take the phone when I travel instead of having to pay Verizon for a loaner or rent one overseas. I suppose the cost might be a wash, but would be nice to have my own device with address book, etc. On one site I read that even if you buy GSM in the states is may not work in Europe.




    From the website:


    • GSM model: GSM/EDGE
    • UMTS/HSPA+
    • DC-HSDPA
    • CDMA model: CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B
    • LTE3


    • GSM/EDGE
    • -
    • CDMA EV-DO Rev. A4