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Are there a lot of sites that have trouble with Safari?  I noticed that Rogers seems anti-Apple lately, but I can no longer view my bill online when I log in to Rogers.  I chatted with a rep online and was told that I need to use a different browser because Safari has been causing them a lot of trouble lately.  Safari cannot be used to view my bill.  I need to use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.  Can a fix to Safari be made, or could this be a Rogers problem that is blamed on Safari?

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    hen you post for help, please state which OS X is installed.


    If you aren't sure, click About this Mac from your Apple menu 


    And which version of Safari. From the Safari menu bar click Safari > About Safar



    Troubleshooting advice can depend on that information.

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    You're absolutely right - Rogers employees are so anti-Apple, it's disgusting.  While in a Rogers Wireless store to simply pick up a SIM card for my iPhone, the two fandroids working there were pushing people very hard to buy Samsung products instead of what they asked for.


    As a web designer myself, I can tell you that it is very poor coding (or lazy, or perhaps...malevolent?) to create a page that doesn't work on Safari.  I would be terribly embarrassed if I designed a site that wouldn't work with one of the major browsers.  So should Rogers.  No excuse.  Shameful.


    They have angered me so much that when it was time to buy an iPhone for my daughter, I didn't even consider Rogers.  Indeed, when my own contract comes up for renewal, I will be switching carriers.  My goal is to persuade my entire workplace to switch as well.  Maybe that would sting enough for them to rethink their anti-Apple mandate.