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I created an iTunes ago several years ago under this email: At this time I did not own an Apple product. All songs purchased and downloaded were in my lap top.

When I purchased my first iPhone...another iTunes account was created under the iPhone ID:


There is NO ONE that can help or assist me. IF instructed properly and correctly...I can maneuver thru my systems.  I would like to combine the two accounts. Is this possible?  There is NO logical reason to have 2 accounts out there...

I am upgrading to the iPhone 5s on the 20th of this month...Can someone please help me move all information?


Also, I need to know how to check/review the credit card information in my iTunes account in my current iPhone 5. Not able to make purchases....AND there is cash in my account.


Not difficult questions...just need someone to take the time to help me.


Thank you.

Diana Macias





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