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I am about to switch from an android prone to the 5s and I need some help with case selection. My requirements are;


1. Protects phone from breakage if you drop it.

2. Can be attached to a holster. I run with it that way and wear it at work that way.

3. Does not have a cover over camera, headphone jack or charging port.

4. Can charge phone with case on.

5. Can I assume that you cannot have a screen cover on phone due to fingerprint scanner?


I currently use a Seidio spring clip holster with no case at all which is my preference but my wife and friends have droppped their Iphones and paid dearly for doing so (broken screen). While I am considering Apple Care +, I am worried what happens after a second accidental drop. Can you buy another Apple Care + plan  or at that point during the first two years do you then have to shell out the money to fix/replace the phone? Apple is selling some nice cases but I do not know how protective they are and it does not appear to have a holster option. I use my phone a lot during the day and need fast access to it. Any help from those who have been there would be appreciated. It looks like Iphone 5 cases will be similar to any 5s cases.I Have been a mac user for 28 years, I have been hooked on Blackberry and android phones till now.


Think I previously posted this in the wrong area.

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    Sounds like you want an Otterbox Defender for 5S. Fits the requirements stated above, and works with the touch sensor.


    About Applecare+: You buy it at the time of purchase, or within 30 days (phone must be examined at an Apple Store). You get two $49 repairs should your screen crack, phone breaks from drops, etc. All other faults are covered for two years (ones that are Apple's fault, i.e. jammed lock button, not yours, such as dropping the iPhone into a pool)