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Not a question, more a warning:


I bought a new Retina Display MBP in London three weeks ago (and Apple Care). It pretty much lived at home, however I do remember taking it with me one day in a rucksack (in the laptop slot).


After two weeks, when editing video, I noticed a white dot had appeared near the centre of the screen. And a smaller one slightly above it and to the left. It was incredibly annoying and I was upset that the problem had occurred on such an expensive machine.


I took it to Apple and the Genius guy looked at the whote dots on a black background, then dimmed the screen down. The dots disappeared. He then told me it wasn't dead pixels (my assumption) but very tiny dents/chips in the glass. He held the screen at an angle to the light and sure enough I could see these miniscule pits in the otherwise perfect surface. He told me it was customer damage and I would therefore have to pay (£450) for the replacement. I asked to see his manager.


When the manager came over he said that they were going to make an exception and replace the screen for free but only as a "one time only favour" and significantly that this "problem" was not unfamiliar to them.


He went on to explain that with these new (and incredibly expensive) machines the distance between the keys and the screen is so slim that if even a tiny particle gets in there and the laptop experiences pressure (say, in a bag) it's enough to take a chip out of the screen.


I've looked around and found quite a few threads discussing this issue (albeit, quite often mistakenly attributing it to dead pixels or pixels somehow "burning a hole in the screen"). It seems to me that it's an issue with the design of the machine? I'm not saying I expect to be able to throw it around. But, putting it in a custom designed bag and carrying it with me? Surely, if a portable machine has been receiving screen damage from the simple act of it being carried, they should be warning people at purchase that they need some kind of buffer between the keys and the screen (eg. a micro-filament cloth). Which, perversely, was the advice they gave me once they had established that the screen had been damaged.


Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that it was replaced for free. But it wouldn't thave been if I hadn't stood up for myself and escalated the issue. And as for it being a "one off" and a "favour", if a lot of these machines begin to exhibit the same kind of damage I think that suggests its a design problem rather than customer error.


Watch out...

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 2.7ghz 16gb
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    I have the same issue. I pride myself on how I take care of my mac so when the mac staff at the apple store informed me that it was "physical damage" I was in disbelief.  It seems to me that if putting a mac book in a backpack to transport it is enough to cause physical damage then that would be considered a fault in the design, considering I purchased the laptop in order to be mobile and transport it from location to location.


    I am very upset.

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    Exactly the same issue.. Genius said it was dead pixels and said the screen would be replaced, technical staff then called a day later saying it was my fault.. 5 perfectly equal sized pits in the glass and no scratching... how can this happen with a MBP that goes everywhere in a protective case (and I don't use it at the beach or in a sand box).