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I have spent a lot of time saving, organizing and arranging photos (for the last 7 years) on my PC, and would like to know the best way to transfer these, AND MAINTAIN THE ORGANIZATION OF THE FOLDERS, to my new ipad (and later, my iphone). I have a really good system, and I do not want to have to do it all over again, on the ipad. I DO NOT want to subscribe to another monthly service fee (i.e. the iCloud) but DO have iTunes on my PC.


What is the simplest method to do this ?  I have tried synching, but, each time have lost photos (on my ipad) OR have had NO ORGANIZATION AT ALL to the photos once synced.  I have all these photos (5.6gb) in the My Pictures folder, then subdivided into years, then subdivided into events and months within the years.  So, my transfer of the My Picures folder, completely transfers all of them, but with NO further organization.  Again, I have spent years doing this, and don't want to have to re-invent the wheel. 


Can someone advise (or even better, lead me to a youtube video) that accurately shows the best way to do this ?


Thank you, in advance, for your help.



p.s.  I particularly enjoy Dan Nations very informative articles on how to get the best from my products.  And, wish Apple would explain "how it works" regarding the syncing methods on the Operating System.  It is the only thing I "don't get" about using my iPad..... meanwhile I LOVE my new mini ! ! ! ! ! ! ! thanks Apple, for keeping things simple.... Please don't change that !

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    The Photos app on the iPad, and the syncing of photos to it, only works to one level - so the folders that you had directly under the My Pictures folder should have got their own album in the Albums tab in the Photos app, but any sub-folders under each of those should have gone into their parent's album e.g. if you had a '2013' folder with folders for 'January', 'February' etc underneath it, then selecting and syncing 'My Pictures' should have put all the photos under '2013' into the 2013 album in Photos.


    And due to the way that syncing Photos works you can't, for example, select the 2013 folder and sync that, and then select the 2012 folder and sync that - only the most recent photo sync remains on the iPad, so all the photos need to be selected and synced in one go (not including a folder in a sync is how you delete them from the iPad).


    So you won't be able to keep that multi-level structure with the built-in Photos app, and I'm not aware of any third-party photo management apps that work with sub-folders (the one that I use is also one-level only) - hopefully if somebody else knows of one then they'll reply.

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    Thank you.... That helped a bit.  But, let me see if I have this right.  If I try again to sinc "MY PICTURE" (the entire folder, which includes all the subfolders) I will get ALL of the photos, but, they will be only "subdivided" one level deeper. 


    OR, is there a way to Manually send each "annual" folder, one at a time, so they would then, at least, contain the next level of subfolders?


    This, I could live with, if I knew how to do it.  My PC is a "master copy" of all my family's photos, and I am trying to

    make the complete transformation to my iPad, so that, going forward, all of this will be on my iPad.  I don't mind a few hours of editing, to get it right.  I just don't want to do 7 years of work entirely over.


    Thanks for any additional help !


    Sincerely, Scomelali

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    Correct, it will only be one-level, the Photos app doesn't support sub-albums - the sub-folders photos will be included in the parent's album.


    If you select My Pictures at the top of the Photos tab when syncing, then you should get an album for each folder that is directly under it - so if I understand correctly what you described then that would mean an album for 2013, one for 2012 etc. And each of those should include all the photos in the subfolders under it - so 2013 would include the photos from the events and months subfolders under it.


    You can't sync them separately, only the contents of the last sync remains on the iPad, by not including a folder in the next photo sync you are effectively telling iTunes that you no longer want that folder/album on the iPad so it will be removed and be replaced by the contents of the new sync (you can't delete synced photos directly on the iPad, instead they are deleted by not including them in the next sync).


    The app that I use, Photo Manager Pro, allows you to select and copy a folder (via FTP), but you would need to select each subfolder individually, which if you have a lot would be time-consuming (I think that if you select '2013' it would ignore the folders beneath it).

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    Sadly apple is controlling and doesnt like to give users a lot of options when it comes to the most simple of things. Since the photos app doesnt allow for subfolders you cant do this. i have the same issue on my pc and im not going to un-organize everything to a 1 level deep file structure with no subfolders just so it works on my ipad that way. way to go apple, congratulations on being stupid as you always are.


    honestly they should just get rid of the **** sync system and alow us to organize the file structures of the photos app, music, etc (like you can with android). It would also solve the problem of syncing multiple pcs with different photo libraries (yes, believe it or not people have alot of devices and pc's these days, its not 1990 anymore....).


    Edit: yes i realize you can organize them on the ipad by hand, but it doesnt help me when i have over 50,000+ photos.


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