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The quotation in the title is the last bulleted note on the support page for "Managing content manually on iPhone, iPad, and iPod" (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1535). I've been manually managing the contents on my iPhone, so I can have more control over what's taking up all my bytes. For example, I want some music videos but not all of them. But I update one of my playlists somewhat frequently as I add new songs to it, and it bugs me that I have to delete the playlist from my iPhone, then re-add it again from iTunes. And if I edit it on my iPhone, I have to do the same on my iTunes because it won't automatically connect the two playlists as being the same like it does with automatic syncing. Does anyone know how to make certain things on my iPhone, like just the playlists, but not the rest of the music, sync automatically? Or at least know of a button I can click to manually sync the two identical playlists to update each other? Because right now, even when I plug my iPhone in and click "sync", the playlists don't update to reflect the edits I've made in their iTune counterparts.