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OK. So I have been messing around in Garageband and I'll explain what it happening.


I'll start up a song, add a track and set it for a REAL INSTRUMENT.  Then over in the right panel the EDIT tab has the boxes available to add a new effect.  I will click on a blank one, choose my plug-in and start playing.  Once I start switching to another track in the main panel very frequently returning to the REAL INSTRUMENT track, I will not see those plug-ins any longer and I can't change the current plug-in nor can I add any new plug-ins.  That part of the EDIT menu is just gone or blank.


Is this a BUG?  Has anyone else experienced this?  I can take a screencast using QuickTime next time I fire up Garageband if my description doesn't make any sense.  This is quite annoying and I'm convinced there is some sort of bug present.  I'm using Garageband '09 with the current 10.8.4.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Do you mean, you do no longer see this Effects panel? Is it completely gone?

    What do you have installed in your "Plug-ins" folder, in your User Library and System Library?






    Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 09.12.50GMT+01.00.PNG

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    Sometimes it dissapears and other times I can see the standard noise-gate plugin but there are no longer blank panels to add new plug-ins... I'm going to make a screencast now and see if I can capture the behavoir because I think that's the best way to understand what's going on.  Here is a screen shot of my plug-ins folder.

    Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.24.56 AM.png

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    OK.  I just made a screen recording and it took a few minutes to happen, but the problem I described does happen around 4:20 in.  Start the movie at 3:00 if you want to bypass me trying to recreate the issue and just get to the section where I explain the problem before it actually happens. 


    HMMM.. ok, the add video icon is greyed out so I'll be right back after uploading this to Youtube...


    OK, here is the link




    Sorry for the not-so-good mic quality...