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Can someone explain to me how I can transform the lower thirds that come with FCPX ?  When I add titles I can click transform and move them anywhere within the frame.  When I add a lower third though, clicking transform transforms the whole image, not just the lower third.  Infuriating.  I don't know why they would be any different from the regular titles!

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Tom Wolsky Level 10 Level 10 (106,220 points)

    The transformation function works for me. Are you sure you have the title selected in the timeline?

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    The default structure of a "Title" in Motion (which is the software used to design most FCPX effects) is to have a built in Drop Zone that is filled by whatever content is below the title in FCPX. It is designed that way so that one can build text effects that "interact" with the media in the storyline. It is not a required item to design a Title for FCPX. So, there are two kinds: those with an interaction with the storyline (included drop zone), and those without (drop zone turned off or deleted).


    When you try to use the Transform tools on a Title in FCPX, if the background drop zone is included with the effect, then you will also be moving the media occupying the storyline as well. (If you select the Title and type V to disable it, you'll see the actual storyline is still exactly where it was left - this effect is only affected by the Title.)


    All editable text in FCPX has an OnScreen Control to allow the position of the text to be placed anywhere in the viewer. With the Title selected, mousing over the text will usually reveal a white rectangle around the text. Clicking anywhere inside that rectangle will allow you to drag the text anywhere you want (even offscreen...) Double clicking on the text, as if to edit, will reveal a very small circular "button-looking" icon at the point of justification (left, center, right justified text) on the top line (if multiline.) That button is the OSC for the text. You can click on that to drag the text around as well.


    In general, it should not be necessary to use the Transform tools in FCPX to manipulate the position of text in a Title (I'm sure there might be a few exceptions though.)

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    Titles is not my problem though.  Titles are selectable and movable as I said.  My issue is with lower thirds.  Some of these when selected, also move the background video as well as the lower third that's on them.

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    Thanks for the detail fox_m but does this also apply to lower thirds?  It's not titles I'm having problems with.  Titles seem to be readily moveable to suit my needs but it's lower thirds that are NOT transformable (or at least some of them are not) without also transforming the background element.


    It's possible (even probable) that what you are saying also relates to lower thirds as well as title though.  Correct?

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    The only distinction between  lower thirds and titles is the position on the screen. Other than that, they are all considered "Titles". Bumpers, Bugs, Credits, Lower Thirds are all subclasses of Titles.


    It's impossible to tell which title effects (including lower thirds, bumpers, bugs, credits, etc.) have the Title Background in use without checking in Motion (or, as you have discovered, trying to move the title with Transform controls in FCPX -- if the background moves with the title, the background is included in the effect).  In general, it should be assumed that the Title Background has been included.


    If you don't have Motion, tell me which Lower Third you're trying to deal with, and what you want to be able to do with it. I'll publish the appropriate controls and get it back to you (if what you want to do is possible.) I imagine whichever Lower Third you want to use, you want whatever decoration that accompanies the text to be moveable as well. I can set these things up to be moved separately or together with the text.

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    dandig Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Thank you sir.  No need to create anything for me, I went ahead and used a different one when I needed it but I do really appreciate the offer and also the knowledge of why this happening.  Thanks!!!

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    Okay. As long as you made it work


    I made the statement about not telling which effects included the background-- it's actually easy to tell. The thumbnails with a background image contain the title background layer. The thumbnails with a black background do not. (As a template developer, I don't spend a lot of time with the default collection provided by Apple.)