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I just bought a brand-new iPod Classic 160gb. I have a smart playlist in my iTunes that has two rules.


Media Kind is Podcast

Plays is 0



The playlist works perfectly on my computer. I also have the "Recently Purchased" playlist that comes with iTunes. I synced my new iPod for the first time tonight. Nothing on the iPod but my podcasts and these two playlists.


In my menu on the iPod, the Playlists option shows "2 Playlists" but when I click the button to view them nothing happens. If I go into "Music" and then to "Playlists", it shows no playlists available.


What is going on here and how do I fix it? I bought this new iPod because I thought my old one (classic 80gb) had been dropped too many times and just stopped accepting the playlist. Now it seems that I dropped the cash for no reason and there's something wrong with the software on the device.

iPod classic, Windows 7